River of the Fallen - Real-Time Strategy (PC)
River of the Fallen
Epic spell-throwing wargaming, either in solo mode or PvP.
Enjoy walking trees, wizard bunnies and Shaman skeletons!
River of the Fallen Video

Our RTS game. This one has quite an interesting story; when the trailer was posted on YouTube, someone threw a link up on the Heroes of Newerth forum (a commercial game very similar to our project, and from which we had a lot of inspiration) along with some sour comments. Without us knowing, a small flame war started with people bashing it out on our little piece of software. The discussion spread to the League of Legends (another great game and source of inspiration) forums, some more bad comments were aired...until someone actually read the trailer description and realised that...hey - it's not a real game! It's a ten-week student project! All of a sudden, people were actually impressed with what we had done, the whole rampage ending with us being interviewed over Skype video by the art folks at League of Legends producers Riot Games! Not bad for a 10-week project!

On this project, besides making buildings, I co-worked with Kristian Zagar on the (what at the time felt like a bazillion) particle effects; me doing much of the "ground work" by prepping and setting things up and him focusing on the artistic part. This was a rather laborious deal, since we had no real particle effect editor, but - hey - it all worked out in the end, give or take some weeks without sleep and family life!

I also had a dip into the realm of heightmap creation, utilising tools like World Machine and L3DT for creating the base world layout. Someone also had to make the tutorials, and since I've always enjoyed writing, I took care of that.

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