About Me
My name is Olof Kjölstad, a 34 years old 3D/2D Art Generalist. As of March 2012, I'm the holder of a graduate diploma in 3D Game Art, obtained at The Game Assembly (TGA) in Malmö, Sweden. Before delving into the realm of 3D, I worked for many years as a "traditional" graphics designer, making all kinds of printed material as well as newspaper editing/layout. I also have some limited experience of web design.

I'd like to state it for the record that I see myself just as much a 3D as a 2D artist. I enjoy just as much working in either field. And - (this one goes without saying, but anyhow) no matter what I do, I always strive to do my absolute best in any situation. I'm highly passionate about my work, and thus it is vital for me to feel proud of my creations.

About TGA

The Game Art programme can be described in one single word: tough. While most educations (at best) try to prepare you for work, TGA actually puts you to work. In four semesters, a TGA student creates eight computer games, beginning with interactive fiction and finalised with a fully-fledged first-person shooter, aimed towards tomorrow's demands for AAA quality. The programme's last phase is a 30-week long internship at a game-producing company (in my case; Full Control ApS). It should also be noted that all game projects are made half-time, as every student also must finish equally demanding individual tasks and courses. In many ways, the programme takes on an almost military learn-by-doing approach, rewarding (and demanding) discipline, punctuality and good old-fashioned hard work. When you hold your diploma, you are as ready for work as any training can ever make you.

Past Working Life

I've had the privilige to work with most kinds of printed material, be it ads, brochures, presentation material, 8-metre long banners, signs, or car decorations. I've made newspapers (both the templates and the actual layout) - even entire books during my (freelance years included) 10 years in the business. I also have a number of company profiles/logos under my belt, along with some homepage design (although, admittedly, HTML/CSS is my weakest point). I've always felt a strong sense of responsibility towards whoever takes on my services; customer and employer alike. My former employers describe me as loyal, hard-working, flexible and ambitious. I have a strong reputation of delivering technically rock-solid products and a noted high tolerance for stress.

The Personal Stuff

I'm the proud father of two kids, Tilde and Alex, and the long-time fiancee of my good lady Moa. If I were to describe myself, it would be as a "likeable geek". I'm sociable, finding it easy to connect with people from all walks of life. Good-to-know might be that I'm fully fluent in three languages; besides Swedish, I speak English and Norwegian as a native. I can also muster a reasonable Danish and some German. I'm an avid reader, hobby guitarist, bathroom singer, boardgamer and role-playing buff. And - of course - a computer game enthusiast!

Anything you need to know?
Just ask! Contact me at: