Book Design - Att skriva sin barndom
Catching Moods
When my father broke the news that he was going to write a biography of Swedish author, poet and Swedish Academy member Bertil Malmberg (1889-1958), I of course volunteered to do the layout in full; cover design, inset typesetting and image processing.

Malmberg - in his time regarded as one of the true giants in Swedish prose - was a complex man. Recurrent periods of inner torment, a voluntary ten-year exile in Munich, his strange return to childhood in his book "Åke och hans värld", periods at mental institutions, a proneness to mysticism - all bears witness of a character plagued by rootlessness in the world, but with a remarkable talent for putting to words his impressions of it.

The cover design is an attempt to visualise this. His portrait is a stamp, the function which brings the letter to the reader, but without the sender himself ever reaching home. The sender is adrift in the world, addressing someone but steered by the outside forces bringing the letter to its recipient.

The numerous black-and-white photos are a fantastic contribution to the book, but also provided for some severe technical challenges. It required fine balance and careful adjustments to ready them for print. Many of them being over a hundred years old and of highly varying states of preservation, a certain graininess on some of them was inevitable. On the whole, however, I think they turned out remarkably well.

Shown here is the cover, an excerpt from the book and some of the photos.