Newspaper Design - Spegeln Burlövstidningen
Spicing It Up
When Spegeln publishing house acquired Burlövstidningen, it was with a sense of pride. This was a newspaper that had kept on going all since the 1960's. This turned out to be both good and bad. The good; Burlövstidningen was a name everybody knew. The bad; it had a reputation of being somewhat dull.

Although the paper was edited in whole by me, it was in essence actually three publications in one; our part, the communal part and the Burlöv congregation part. The latter two had their distinctive looks, steered by the graphical profiles of the Burlöv Commune and Swedish Church respectively.

Nonetheless we realised that Burlövstidningen needed an overhaul to become more commercially viable. At the same time, whatever I came up with had to somehow fit with the other two parts. Some long, gruelling nights (and generous amounts of very strong coffee) later, I had worked out an idea that I then went on to pitch.

The paper had until then had a very traditional, rather stiff four-column layout. I decided to change all that, and instead went for a loose six-column base with extensive use of colours and graphical identifiers, along with a rather bold typography. Body text was from now on set in Egyptienne; a hybrid, very modern neoantiqua that provided excellent readability. News were headlined with Akzidenz Grotesk and Praxis, human interest and the more casual content most often in Rockwell.

The new layout was well received, and though I'd hesitate to call it "modern" or "trendy", it still has a nice, contemporary feel to it.