Contained - 1st & 3rd Person Shooter (PC)
The Grand Finale school project - Contained is a 3rd/1st person shooter set in a dystopian future where mankind is reduced to some few hundred thousands, living in underground enclaves in a constant everybody's war.

In Contained, we wanted to show our idea of what the last decaying remnants of human civilisation might look like. Set in a (but not overly so) distant future where law and order has been replaced by a harsh semi-anarchy, enclaves fight each other in a constant war.

In this gritty, scarce and reduced world, we felt it important to get as many aspects of life in as possible. It is not a very happy world;. for example, you see quite obvious examples of prostitution by looking at the neon signs. There are posters promoting half-paranoia, self-glorification and constant reminders of the scarcity of resources, especially water. In one place, you see a sign depicting a toilet, with the cheerful message "Dump as in Grandpa's Days!". Humoristic as that may seem, it is also a grim reminder that even the most basic facilities are antiquities, forever lost in a misty past.

In all this, there is the unspoken feeling of displacement. My environments are designed with this in mind; the subway station, where the player arrives after creeping along a narrow service tube, the hodgepodge of almost blinding bright neon signs around the square, the tight, damp and claustrophobic sewer system, it opening up to the overwhelmingly huge silo - all comes together to make every corner feel novel. All in all, the changes between "narrow-wide, narrow-wide" creates a nice pace to the entire level, giving it a feel that seems logical and rewarding to the player.

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