Booklet Design - Staffanstorp Commune Annual Fiscal Report
Do It By the Numbers
As unsexy as a fiscal report may sound, this still has to qualify as one of the toughest jobs I've ever done. I was completely solo on this one, and had literally nothing to start with.

No graphical profile present, the diagrams were Excel data only and the time constraints almost impossible to meet. Nonetheless, I was able to finish this 60-page tome from absolute scratch in two and a half weeks - while at the same making the ads for four newspapers shipped to print during the same period.

Don't even ask me how I did it. All I recall is that I worked 18-hour days and didn't sleep for more than three hours per night (if at all) during those weeks. When done, my boss sent me home for a seven-day leave with standing orders to sleep for the better part of them - and believe me - I did!

Shown here is the cover and parts of the inset.