Frontline Tactics - iPad/iPhone/PC
By far the most ambitious project in the realm of 3D that I've participated in to date, Frontline Tactics is a turn-based tactical romp where I've made most of the environment. Here is a selection.

Besides having the main responsibility for environment assets, my involvement in Frontline Tactics has dipped into most ins-and-outs of game creation; level designs, co-production of the user interface, logo creation, playtesting and some rudimentary particle effects. Modelling was made in 3DS Max, textured in Photoshop and then shipped into Unity where the levels were assembled and lightmapped. Groundplanes are handpainted from a set of base texture blended by utililsing alpha masks, then finalised with a level-specific"detail layer" on top.
Of my 30 weeks at Full-Control, I'd say that about 23 of them were spent of working with FT. At 34 and an "old-school" gamer, strategy games have a special place in my heart. Thus it has been a true privilege to work on a title so lovingly rooted in the X-Com tradition.