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Prior to Games Developers Conference 2012, San Francisco, Full Control CEO mr. Thomas Hentschel Lund wanted a major overhaul of the visual profile. A new logo, new printed material, presentation slides, illustrations - the works. Having an ex-2D graphics designer at hand, it was a natural choice to hand me the task.


Being a company firmly set in the world of computer games and software consultancy, Full Control needed a forceful logotype with appeal to a (predominantly) male ordeance within two interlinked (but not identical) business areas.

The circular shape and cog wheel assures memorabiltity and ease of placement within a plethora of medias, from splash screens to posters. The cog also hints of the proper function of good consultancy - a partner interlocking with the host organisation, helping to keep the wheels of productivity spinning. Versions were made for web, various prints and car/wall deco. It goes without saying that a games/software developer needs a strong precence on the web. The shiny main logo, vaguely reminicent of a button, looks great on any homepage and high resolution print.

What perhaps is not as self-explanatory, however, is the fact that companies like FC often appear together with other partners on third-party websites and prints. Therefore the small/fine-print version and text-only version is equally important. The distinct shapes and strong-impact typography ensures immediate recognition without becoming overly dominant among other logos. The black and white small print versions doubles as car deco/wall decoration and sign cutouts.


As fonts go, Terminal Dosis makes the perfect choice for a company like Full Control. With its modern feel, high readability and multiple weights, this little gem of humangrotesques provides a nice balance between "techiness" and personality. Being a free-to-use Google font, it can easily be incorporated in a webpage design, thus assuring visual coherence between web and print publications alike. It blends well with almost any garald (Garamond used in the example) and looks great together with common webfonts like Verdana and Lucida Sans.

On those occasions when even more "thump" is needed to make a piece of text stand out, Peppermint from Italian studio/type foundry Monochromo does the job magnificently.
Its captivating combination of block letters, distinct curves and sharp corners gives a beautiful edge to any presentation, brochure or poster. Very modern, but with the slightest hint towards old propaganda posters, its timeless and playful design makes it the font of choice for the company logo text.