Project Raven - Space 3D-Shooter (PC)
Project Raven
Heat up your lasers and take off for some good ol' space huntin' fun!
The Fat Unicorn Games team's first "real" 3D game project with ten weeks, half-time in the making.
Project Raven Video

This was our "trial-by-fire" in creating "real" 3D games. At the time, I think we all felt slightly intimidated by the vastness of the task; "create a small universe in ten weeks without a game engine to test things in for the first four-or-so". But - the Unicorns are a fabulous bunch to work with, and my deepest respect and awe for the truly beautiful things Alva, Josefine, Veronica and Kristian were able to put together. And real kudos to our programmers who were able - without prior experience - to build a full-fledged 3D engine from scratch in a matter of weeks!

My major contribution was the Space Station and its generators which played a key role in Mission 2. I also made a spaceship which (sadly) didn't make it into the game due to time restraints. You can however see the iterated version here.

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