Newspaper Design - Spegeln Plus
Spegeln Plus - Adding Entertainment Value
If you've already had a look at the Spegeln company profile, you'll be in familiar territory here. I've already nudged on the background story, but here it is in greater detail regarding the birth of Spegeln Plus.

In 2006, Spegeln housed four local newspapers, in all covering a readership of 75 000 people. This is where Spegeln Plus came in. We already had some 50+ racks, skilled writers and good connections with people inside culture, arts, travel and media. What Spegeln did not have was a magazine focusing on the region as a whole, rather than the separate parts. Why not utilise all the good things already at hand? From this insight, Spegeln Plus saw the light of day.

Since I already had started working on the new company visual profile, it made sense to make Spegeln Plus an extension of it. After all, the purpose was to create a common ground, independent of location, and here we were with a magazine that would cover the entire combined area.

The Plus was new in more ways than one. Since focus would be far more on lifestyle and "feelgood" than anything we had ever done before, the layout had to reflect this. I based the grid around a six-column design as this would allow for very large pictures wrapped in text. The more news/current events-oriented articles usually were set in 6-column, whereas the more casual/complentative material and short notes were based around a four-column design.

Red and yellow were used as complementary colours in bylines, subheaders and effects. As with the company profile, typography was centered around DIN, Helvetica Condensed and Old Style 7. However - being a magazine giving considerable space for art and entertainment, it would have been outright silly to be fanatical about it. As long as a majority of the articles followed standard, I found it perfectly OK to stretch a bit with the rest. I wanted a magazine look on this one - not a newspaper look.