Spegeln - Company Profile
Spegeln Publishing House - Company Profile
Spegeln was my place of work for four years; 2004 to 2008. During those years the company went through a period of rapid expansion, creating the need for a unified visual profile for the publishing house.

This proved to be a challenge, in a sense. The strong legacy of the Spegeln brand had to be maintained and strengthened, while the individual newspapers (four at the time) had their respective looks - which we wanted to keep. (They were locals, after all!) So - we needed something that represented the central organisation without intruding on the newspapers' individuality. While cranking out the new profile, yet another paper saw the light of day; the Spegeln Plus. This was a regional rack-distributed magazine with a strong emphasis on entertainment, culture and lifestyle. It was a natural choice to let the company visual profile develop in conjunction with this regional publication.